[VIDEO] Stray Dog Adopts A Family

video stray dog adopts a family

This is a heartwarming video.  This stray dog instinctively knew this would be the family for her. The video caption says she just shows up at their  doorstep one day.  The kind family offers her food.  And she comes back again and again.  Not just for the food, but to befriend the family.

The family already has their own dogs.  That doesn’t stop this wise dog, who in her own way guides the family to the next step.  Then one day it dawns on the family that this dog really belongs with them. Just watch how she plays with their dogs.  It’s as if they belong together.  And that is how she found herself a family.

How this stray dog finds a home

It is a lovely story.   She is no longer a stray dog.  She belongs to a family and a loving home now, with dog playmates.  Isn’t it interesting, left to their own device, that dogs would pick out the people they are most in tune with?

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PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

Most videos show how family members spend time with puppies in order to pick out one that the whole family feels drawn to.  This is just the other side of the coin. This dog is spending time with the family over time, and decides that this is the family for her.

Actually, this isn’t as unusual as it seems.  A friend of mine has 2 dogs of his own, both adopted from shelters.  He took them for a walk on the beach one morning, and a stray dog started walking beside them.  When it was time to go home, the stray dog walked to the car with them and looked at my friend.  And that’s how Freddie found himself his new family and dog playmates.  The 3 dogs live happily ever after, going to the beach together everyday.  Dogs DO know how to take care of themselves.  Enjoy this heartwarming story.  Just LOVE happy endings!   Only wish the video were longer.


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