[VIDEO] This Puppy Does Not Want The Belly Rub To Stop

puppy wants belly rub to keep going

Isn’t it wonderful when our puppy tells us when they want a belly rub?   That’s exactly what the puppy in this video does when she does not want the belly rub to stop.  I think Mom stops a few times just because it is so cute to have her puppy pulls her hand back for more.

With the way some puppies look (all fluffy and adorable) we may take it for granted that all dogs like belly rubs. What if dogs are like humans in how they like to be approached with affection?  Of course, if we know our dogs well, we understand their body language.  What if it’s a dog that we don’t know that well yet?  Do we wait for them to ask us?  Do we just offer it?  An article by Linda Fiorella in VetStreet shines some light on this subject.

When NOT to give belly rubs to a dog

In the article, Linda quoted Dr. Margaret Gruen, a veterinary behavioralist, “Dogs expose their bellies as part of a submissive display, sometimes during play, and with people they are comfortable with.”  If your dog is comfortable with the person that’s petting him, he may roll on to his back so there is more belly access.  More places to feel good.

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However, if a dog rolls onto his back as soon as he is approached, as well as showing other submissive behavior such as tail tugging and licking their lips, it may be an indication of submission.   Especially if there’s no other evidence near you that triggers this, it would be better to not initiate a belly rub.   The dog may have had other experiences that you don’t know about.

It is good to let the dog initiate the rolling onto his back.  They know when they feel safe to do so.  You can read the entire article here. Enjoy watching this darling puppy letting his mom know to keep the tummy rubs coming.

Article source:  Linda Fiorella on VetStreet


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