[VIDEO] Australian Terrier Telling On A Friend

video dog telling on a friend

The dog in this video is telling on a friend when questioned by Mom.   The bigger dog is Judy, an Australian Terrier.  When their Mom asked, “Who pooped in the kitchen?”  without hesitation, Judy put her paw on Sunny, a long-coat Chihuahua.

There are other videos on a similar topic, when a parent asked their dogs who was guilty.  I discovered that this may not actually be a dog turning in their friend, but is actually a trick that people teach their dogs, similar to “Who’s your best friend?” trick.  It’s actually rather entertaining.  Well, maybe not for the accused.

Which tricks to teach senior dogs?

You know the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”   A myth!   Jaymi Heimbuch writes in Mother Nature Network that it is totally possible.  In fact, it is excellent to keep them mentally stimulated and having fun all their life!  When you are teaching your senior dog new tricks, Jaymi recommends that you consider their physical condition.

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Many senior dogs are very fit.  Some may have limitations if they have to jump or sit for a long time.  Some may have joint discomfort.   Some dogs may have dental issues, so avoid tricks that involve them catching with their mouths.  Some dogs may have hearing loss or limited vision.  These are elements to consider when you think of tricks to teach your senior dogs.

And not only what tricks to teach, but how you go about teaching them too.  A dog with some hearing loss would not hear your command well.   Can you use a hand signal instead?   A dog with limited vision may respond better through other senses.   You know how humans who have limited vision seem to sharpen their other senses?   Apply this knowledge to dogs as well.  You can read the article on teaching your senior dogs new tricks here.  Enjoy watching this extremely brief video of one dog telling on another.

Article source:  Jaymi Heimbuch on Mother Nature Network


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