[VIDEO] Tiny Pomeranian Running Fast

video tiny Pomeranian puppy running fast

For someone with such tiny feet, this Pomeranian puppy can sure move those little feet.   What a fast runner he is!  Even though we see him running only a short distance in this video, it’s easy to tell that tiny feet does not mean slow.

Many people are enamored with Poms because of their tiny size and their beautiful, fluffy hair.  If you are one of them, and you are thinking about bringing home a Pomeranian, there are special care for someone this size, according to PetPom.   For example, the dishes used for food and water needs to be shallow enough for the tiny Pom to use comfortably.  Some people have found that Poms may have allergies to plastic bowls.  So try using ceramic or stainless steel bowls.

How to care for Pomeranian puppies

Because of their size, create a playpen for them, so when you are away or not able to look after your puppy, you can put him in his playpen to keep him safe and comfortable.  (Not a crate.  They do not care for crates.)  If you put the playpen in the living room or somewhere that the puppy can see what’s going on around him, he won’t feel so lonely.

In his playpen, have his food bowl, water bowl, toys, pee pad.  Because of their tiny neck, instead of using a regular collar, always attach the leash to a harness, not to their neck collar.  This will prevent neck injury.

Dog Travel Water Bottle
Dog Travel Water Bottle

In terms of exercise, do it in segments because of their tiny size.  Instead of a 20 minute walk, go on 2 walks for 10 minutes each.

Pet Pom also recommends that you keep the temperature in your home comfortable for your tiny Pom.  They may not be able to regulate their temperature as efficiently.

Find a vet who is experienced with undersized dogs.  There are special care involved.  And as tempting as it is to have your tiny Pom sleep in your bed with you, it is to their safety that they sleep in their own space.  You can read more about how to care for tiny Poms here.

Article source:  Pet Pom


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