[VIDEO] Little Girl Helps To Give Beagle Puppy A Bath

Laura gives Beagle puppy a bath

Remember Laura, the little girl with Charlie the Beagle and Lily the new puppy?  In this video, Laura is helping to give Lily a bath.  Laura looks quite experienced at this, after caring for Charlie all this time.

She knows to entice the puppy into the tub by putting all kinds of toys she likes in there first.  Then she shows Lily some dog biscuits, and encourages her to step into the tub by putting the treats in the water.  (Hope they are not water soluble!)  Laura’s Mom is even more creative.  She puts what looks like bacon (they must be Beggin’ strips) into the tub.  That has got to be the ultimate temptation!

This family knows the secrets to bathing a puppy

Since Lily is not willing to step into the tub by herself, Laura picks up the puppy and ease her into the tub (actually more like a kiddie pool).  She keeps reassuring the puppy.  Laura’s Mom keeps praising the puppy, giving her treats to distract her from objecting to the new sensation.

Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove
Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove

Laura gently shampoos Lily.  They did not keep the puppy in the tub long.  A few minutes is enough so the pup won’t get cold.  Then, like a pro, Laura wraps the puppy in a big towel and quickly carry her to her doggie bed and finish drying her off.

In the last scene, Lily is feeling cozy, wrapped in something warm, content.  What a great first bath experience with her new family.   This family is so good in creating positive experience for their dogs.  Always using encouragement and praise.  And most of all, love.

Some articles encourage this very same approach to giving the first bath.  Lots of treats or toys to make the experience fun.  That’s dogs’ middle name–fun.  If it’s fun, they will do it.  And the pampering, the treats, the soft spoken words of praise and assurance–all this create an atmosphere of well-being.  This is how to ease dogs into their first few baths, so they associate positive emotions with the experience.


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