[VIDEO] Teddy Bear Dog Shu Playing With Sister

video of Shu the teddy bear dog

Remember the teddy bear dog Shu from a few days ago?  The one that looks like a teddy bear until you see her move?  In this video, we get to see more Shu in action.  She is actually quite a rambunctious puppy.   Watch the way she plays with her sister and other dog friends.

Being such a tiny dog, Shu has long legs.  And she runs fast.  There’s a scene about 1/3 into the video that shows her speed.  She looks affectionate too, licking her sister who is lying next to her.  And she gets pretty rough with another dog friend.  Maybe she understands that she can behave differently with different personality.

Enjoy watching Shu in her daily life.

Image source:  via iheartdogs


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