[VIDEO] Baby Climbs Into Bulldog’s Bed For Nap


The baby in this video climbs into her Bulldog’s bed for a nap.  The British Bulldog is Missy.  The little boy was less than a year old at this filming.  He is such good friend with Missy that he wanted to take a nap with her so he crawled into Missy’s basket when she was there.

The little boy is trying to sleep, so Missy takes on the role of protector.  The family now has a baby girl, and Missy is also acting as protector of the little girl.  Missy and the little boy are still inseparable.  It is so nice that even though Missy is aware of the camera, she did not move even an inch, so as not to wake up the baby.

Enjoy watching Missy sharing her bed with a baby.

Image source:  via Daily Picks and Flicks


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