[VIDEO] These Are Some Of The Sweetest And Most Affectionate Pitbulls


The Pitbulls in this video are some of the sweetest and most affectionate friends.  In the first scene, the kitten is trying to wash her face, but no need, her Pitbull friend is there to help her lick her face.  The 2nd Pitbull dog is sleeping with his stuffed animal, and as soon as he is aware the camera is on him, he wags his tail to say hello.

The 3rd scene is the most touching.  The man is holding his Pitbull like he would a child.  His dog leans her head against the man’s face.  Such a sweet moment.  The next scene show the patience of the Pitbull.  A tiny puppy is trying to play, almost provoke, the dog, but she is understanding and humors the aggressive puppy.

Enjoy this wonderful compilation of many gentle and sweet Bulldogs.


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