[VIDEO] Teddy Bear Puppy Rough Housing

video Teddy Bear dog Shu

In this video, Shu is rough housing with her sisters.  Toward the end of the video, Shu is playing with a toothbrush.  So is her sister.  They actually point out an important element in caring for a Poodle.  While all dogs need to have dental care, it is especially true for Poodles because they are more prone to having dental issues.

It wasn’t that long ago that many believe dogs take care of their own teeth.  Actually, infection from lack of dental care can affect their heart and liver.  Missing teeth makes it harder to eat.  So it does affect their quality of life.

How to introduce teeth brushing to Poodles

All Poodle Info offers some detailed tips on how to introduce dental care to your puppy or adult Poodle.  Start when they are 2 months old.  Set aside a regular “teeth” time, so they come to expect it.  You might schedule a walk or playtime afterwards so they associate dental care with fun.

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Put your Poodle on your lap, tummy up, your legs supporting their head.  With your left thumb, gently keep their mouth open, with your right hand, touch each of their teeth, for a total of 1-2 minutes.  This gets them used to having their teeth touched.  They may wiggle more at the beginning.  But in time, they’ll wiggle less.  They’ll give up and allow you to touch their teeth.

When this happens, you can introduce doggie toothpaste.  Not human toothpaste because it is toxic to dogs.  They cannot spit out the paste like we can, so they swallow it.  But doggie toothpaste, even though we wipe off the paste afterwards, is not harmful even if they swallow.  Besides, dogs like the meat flavored doggie toothpaste.

Use just a dollop of canine toothpaste and gently rub it on each tooth with your finger.  Wipe with a soft, small damp cloth afterwards.  When they are used to this procedure, then you can start the brushing.  You can read more about dental care for Poodles here.

Article source:  All Poodle Info


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