[VIDEO] BOO the Pomeranian

video of BOO the Pomeranian with sibling Buddy

Here’s a video for you BOO’s fans.    If you are unfamiliar with BOO, he is a Pomeranian with over 17 million fans on his Facebook page.  Hugely popular!   Well, just look at that face!    In one of the scenes, BOO is doing his famous air lick.   He seems to lick frequently, even when there is no food involved.  Oh and talking about food, he can make dry dog food sound like it tastes good!

The Story of BOO the Pomeranian

I think I understand why Boo is in costume much of the time.  He has no body hair!  He’s cold!    And here’s the story behind his haircut.  Boo’s hair is coarse and thick, and his hair was matted.  His mom cannot find any hair product that can take care of those knots, so that’s how his hair is the way it is.   I suppose the hair on his head is not matted, so that’s how he got the puffy style.   And voila!  A star is born!

Dog and cat reversible jacket waterproof
Dog and cat reversible jacket waterproof

Boo has an older fur sibling named Buddy, also a Pomeranian.  Buddy has long, silky hair, unlike Boo’s.  However, Boo’s haircut would not look good on Buddy because of the fine hair.

So, back to Boo’s clothes.  He wears a different outfit everyday.  Except for Wednesday.  He goes natural on Wednesday.  He probably has a bigger wardrobe than many of us.  Boo’s mom helps many people generously with Boo’s fame.   She has used Boo’s birthday to help raise money for Operation Smile to help children all over the world who were born with a cleft lip.  On another birthday, she raised money for a children’s hospital’s Pet Therapy Program.  And for another birthday, she raised money to build clean water projects around the world. Thank you, Boo and Boo’s mom!  You can read the whole story here.

Article source:  Boo The Dog


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  1. B.Kline Reply

    We lost our 20 year old Pom in July 2019 and miss him dearly! He was like my son to me! Forever in our hearts!

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