[VIDEO] Shih Tzu Puppy Playing With Rottweiler

video Rottweiler playing gently with Shih Tzu puppy

Not a smart move, Snax!   Fortunately, Zoey, the gentle Rottweiler in this video is a patient and gentle person.  Even when Snax puts his head in Zoey’s mouth, she very softly mouth him just to amuse him.  It seems Zoey has a caring instinct toward little Snax, as female Rottweilers tend to be more loving and caring  toward children (in this case, Snax) according to Youness Bermine in Diamond Pup.

They are more gentle than a male Rottweiler.  If you are wondering whether to bring home a male or a female Rottweiler, Youness shares that the males are bigger and stronger. If you want a dog to protect your house and one that “works”, the male would be your choice.  If you prefer a more loving and caring dog, then the female Rottweiler might be a better choice. They are more gentle with children, as you witness in this video.  Keep in mind that these are general characteristics.  Like us, dogs are individuals.

What are Rottweilers like?

Coats for small dogs
Coats for small dogs

Rottweiler is an intelligent dog who thinks.  They can make independent judgment.  That’s why they are often found in police work. Even if they are affectionate with your children, do supervise when their friends come over.  If Rottweilers think their children are being threatened, they will step in and protect them.

Rottweilers protect their territory.  If their owners welcome you into their home, he’ll be all right with you. If you come when the owner is not home, it is possible that you may not receive the same kind of greeting.  If you ever need a dog sitter, take this into consideration.

It is a good idea to start training a Rottweiler puppy the day you bring him home. Socialize them early.  They are very intelligent, and will absorb everything you teach them.  They also like to have a job to keep them happy.  They are not barkers, so if you hear your Rottweiler barking, go check things out.  You can learn more about Rottweilers on Diamond Pup here.  Enjoy watching Zoey playing gently with young puppy Snax.

Article source:  Youness Bermine in Diamond Pup


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