[VIDEO] How To Pick Up An English Bulldog Puppy Correctly

video how to pick up a bulldog puppy correctly

This helpful video demonstrates how to properly pick up an English Bulldog puppy, so that we don’t accidentally dislocate their shoulder joints.   This is valuable information because it’s not something we instinctively think of. But after watching the video, it makes sense that picking them up properly would protect them from potential injury.

How to pick up a Bulldog puppy correctly

Bulldogs have loose joints, so if we pick them up the way we would a human baby–facing them and lifting them, we risk injuring their shoulder joints.  By supporting the bulk of their weight, we safely avoid the joints.  You do this by putting one arm under their bottom, and the other arm under their chest.  Then lean them against your body so they are cradled in this position.  Their limbs are protected this way.  And when you put them down on the floor, do the same thing.  Provide maximum support for their bulk and gently place them back down.   Now their shoulder joints are safe from potential dislocation.

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English Bulldogs have a sweet and gentle personality.  They are loving to children in general, and actively seek our attention, according to Hills Pet.  They only need moderate exercise, so it’s fine for them to live in apartments.

This breed can overheat easily, and in cold weather, they chill easily.  They do breathe loudly, and snore, and many drool.  So know that this is what you’ll live with if you are thinking about getting an English Bulldog.

Their short coat is easy to groom, and they shed moderately.  Do clean the wrinkles on their face regularly, so they don’t get skin infection.  English bulldogs will get along fine with other family pets.  However, they might be aggressive with dogs that they don’t know.  You can read more about English Bulldogs here.

Enjoy watching this helpful video of how to pick up an English Bulldog puppy properly.

Article source:  Hills Pet


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