[VIDEO] Why Malshi Dogs Are So Popular

video of a Malshi puppy

The Malshi puppy in this video shows why these dogs are so popular.  She is half Maltese half Shih Tzu.  Sometimes they are called Malti Zu, Malt Tzu, or Maltese Shih Tzu.  Like other designer breeds, they are “developed” to be a small-sized companion and do not shed much–a nice relief for those who love dogs but are allergic to their hair.  Even so, if this is the main reason why you are getting a Malshi, please spend some time around them before you bring one home to make sure that you are not allergic to them.

What are the characteristics of a Malshi?

A Malshi is an adaptable dog.  And a very intelligent one.  More likely, you’ll find them to be outgoing and active.  Occasionally, you’ll come across one who’s more quiet and laid back.  According to Dog Time, the most important thing for a Malshi is to be with their family.  Everything else is negotiable. Now THAT’s a true companion dog!   So if you have time to be around a dog much of the time, Malshi is a possibility.

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If you were to choose a Malshi puppy that has a good temperament, look for ones that are playful and curious, would approach people and let people hold them, not the one who’s trying to boss his siblings around or the one that’s hiding in the corner.

If you can meet the puppy’s mother, you can see if she has a nice temperament and one that you are comfortable with.  Being able to see how the relatives behave can give you a clue to the temperament of the puppy you plan to bring home.  Socialize the Malshi puppy early.  Take him to stores that allows dogs, walk in your neighborhood and let them get used to seeing all the neighbors.  This helps him to become well rounded socially.  You can read more about Malshi here.

Enjoy spending a few moments with this sweet Malshi puppy.

Article source:  Dog Time


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