[VIDEO] Welcoming Home Corgi Puppy

video Corgi puppy coming home

The Corgi puppy you see in this video is Kaylee.  She is 8 weeks old at this filming.  Already she is showing her confidence and independence.  And sweetness.  Actually, because Corgi‚Äôs history is herding, this confidence and independence help them do their job effectively.

What to discuss before you get a puppy

To help ensure that your puppy has a great start at your home, and to make sure things run smoothly for your family members, it’s a good idea to prepare long before your puppy arrives, according to Pets Web MD.

That first discussion is about what breed, what age is the dog you want, to get one from a shelter or a breeder.  Breed, age could make a difference in energy level.  What is your family’s lifestyle?  Are you an active family that goes on hikes and wants your dog to join you?  Or are you fond of water sports and want to bring your dog along?

Dog fleece jacket with pocket
Dog fleece jacket with pocket

The next discussion is about logistics.  Who will walk the puppy and when?  Who will  feed the pup and how many times a day?  Who will make appointments with the vet? Consistency of habits help a new puppy feel settled in more easily to a new home.

Another discussion is the vocabulary list.  Make sure every family member is using “down” to mean exactly the same behavior so the puppy would not be confused when listening to different family members.

Another preparation is puppy proof your home.  That means put the chemicals on a higher shelf.  And the breakables too.  Tape loose electrical cords to baseboards so the puppy does not think the cord is another thing to chew  Put plants out of the way.  Then get down on the floor to see from a puppy eye level to make sure nothing else needs to be puppy proof.  You can read more about this topic here.

Enjoy watching Kaylee’s experience with her new family.

Article source:  Pets Web MD


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