[VIDEO] These Cavalier Puppies Are Starting To Interact


The Cavalier puppies in this video are just starting to interact with people.   Look at those wagging tails.  They look and act very young, climbing on siblings and licking each other.  They are content just to be held.  Cavaliers are companion dogs.  

Some Cavaliers (the ones who are more restful) make great family friends and therapy dogs.  Others are athletically inclined, according to Dog Time.  They would enjoy hiking or running on the beach, and participating in agility training.  Some Cavaliers are even hunting dogs.  Because they are quiet by nature and small, they would do well as apartment dogs.  Your neighbors would appreciate their silence.

What are Cavaliers like?

Cavaliers are moderately active indoor.  If you have a small yard, that’ll work just fine for them.  And if yours happen to be an athletic Cavalier, do provide more opportunities for them to exercise their natural talent.  Cavaliers do get along with others pets, especially if they were introduced to the pets when they were still puppies. 

Remember that chase instinct (the hunting dog) in some of them?  If you have a cat in your home, make sure she has the confidence to stand her ground because your Cavalier may like to chase her around, but not to hurt her.  And he would just love it if your cat would chase him back.  

It’s always wonderful if your pets’ energy level and personalities match each other so they keep each other company and have a playmate.  If you have a pet bird, some Cavaliers will at least pull his tail.  Some would live peacefully with them.  It’s a good idea to supervise interactions among your pets because of the hunting instinct in some Cavaliers.  You can read more about them here.

Enjoy adoring these 3 Cavalier puppies who are just starting to interact with people.

Article source:  Dog Time


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