[VIDEO] Welcoming Goldendoodle Boomer To The Family


This is a video of Boomer, the Goldendoodle puppy coming home.   Watch the little boy in the car. Observe his body language before he interacted with Boomer.  After he holds Boomer in his arms, he looks like a different boy from the beginning of the video.  He is caring for a puppy.  He feels pride in taking care of someone little.  Just look at the joy on each person’s face that evening as Boomer goes around to spend time with each member of the family.  At least for the boy who carries Boomer to his car for the ride home, his life will probably never be the same.  The way he looks after Boomer during the car ride shows he is practicing the art of nurturing.  Sarah Long writes in She Knows about how growing up with a pet contributes to the development of a child.  Not just as a companion or a playmate, but in a child’s social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development as well.

How dogs benefit children’s development

A 2010 study in England shows that a child with a dog exercises 11 more minutes a day than one who does not have a dog.  The American Academy of Pediatrics did a study in 2012 that shows children with early contact with dogs and cats are healthier.  They have fewer ear infections, fewer respiratory infections, and need a shorter treatment of antibiotics than children without pets.  Children are more likely to interact with someone who has a dog.  This helps the child who is not as outgoing to make friends.  Children facing some sort of difficulty can often confide in their pet easier than in an adult.  A dog does not judge.  They love without any condition.  That’s why children with reading difficulties improve their skills when they read to a dog.  The dog does not care if they make mistakes.  This feeling of unconditional acceptance helps children to increase confidence.  And also, caring for a dog helps a child build empathy.  You can read more about the topic here.

Article source:  Sarah Long in She Knows


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