[VIDEO] These Dogs Say Hello Like Humans

video dogs saying I love you

Don’t these dogs sound almost human?  Some of them are imitating “Hello,” “Mama,” “I love you.”  A few a more or less imitating the pitch and intonation and nowhere near the syllables.  But a few a exceptionally clear.    Some of the breeds are already inclined to be more vocal, but some of the dogs in the video are not typically vocal in terms of carrying on a “dialogue” like French Bulldogs are likely to do.   So how do these owners teach their dogs to speak like human?

How to teach our dogs to say “hello”

I was curious, so I did some research.  Different articles and comments offer a variety of strategies, but I found one woman’s approach in particular to be the easiest to use.

An article in Pet Helpful shares that the author’s dog often howls when sirens pass by.  Sometimes she howls along with her dog for fun.  And one day, she noticed that her dog, Mukha, mimics her voice as well as her mouth movement.  When the author uses a low, quiet howl, Mukha copied her. So she decided to use Mukha’s interest in imitating her to teach her to “speak.”

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The author suggests that for those of us who want to teach our dogs to say words, start by getting into a back and forth dialogue with our dog.  Get them to play with us with their voice.  (Be sure you won’t regret this later. 🙂 )  Give your dog some time to get into a howling sound.

When he’s taking a breath or getting ready to do the next howl, squeeze in “I love you” or “hello” or whatever words you want to teach.  And say those words in a howling voice.  It’s like helping them transition from howling (which is natural to them) to vocalizing like we do.

If your pup is watching you, he may be picking up on the pitch and eventually mimic you.  You can try it and see if your dog can do what the dogs do in this video.  Some of the dogs in this video are really making an effort to play with their humans.  Enjoy the video!

Article source:  Pet Helpful


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