[VIDEO] Marnie The Shih Tzu On New Year’s Day

video Marnie the rescue dog

In this video, Marnie the rescue Shih Tzu is surrounded by her friends on New Year’s Day.  She is in her Christmas sweater, socializing with her people friends, who are all too eager to pamper her with all kinds of goodies.  This rescue dog has a wonderful story.

Marnie was around 10 years old when she was found by Animal Control on the streets of Connecticut.  That was back in August of 2012.   When she was not claimed, Marnie was moved to a shelter, (where she was named Stinky) and had been there for 4 months when Mom Shirley adopted her through Pet Finder.  Her mom took Marnie home in a Metro North train, and this Shih Tzu stunk up the whole train.  It turned out that Marnie got some health matters that needed to be taken care of.  Some of her teeth were decaying, so after they were extracted, she stops smelling bad.

The beautiful story of Marnie the rescue dog

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The shelter also thought she was blind in one eye, but after she was adopted, the cloudiness cleared up, she can see just fine.  Shirley renamed Stinky, Marnie, after the musician Marnie Stern.

Many people are curious about Marnie’s head tilt.  Her Mom checked with some vets.  Their speculation is that Marnie had a brief illness with Vestibular Syndrome.

Most dogs who have experienced this recover in a few weeks, and live happy, pain-free lives afterwards, sometimes with a head tilt.  Another common question is about Marnie’s long tongue.  It’s not because of the missing teeth.  Even before the decayed teeth were extracted, her tongue was hanging out a lot.  She just has a long tongue.  She licks it every few minutes to keep it from getting dry.  When it snows, Marnie simply keeps her tongue in.  What a smart person!  Marnie does not like to be left alone, so her Mom takes her everywhere.  She discovers that Marnie is very social and is happy to be around people.  You can read more about Marnie here.

Article source:  Marnie The Dog


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