[VIDEO] 9-Weeks-Old Pomeranian

video pomeranian puppy in new home

The 9-weeks-old Pomeranian in this video is Chubz.  It looks like she is just getting accustomed to her new surroundings and her new parents.  The description under the video says she is a Toy Pomeranian.

According to Pet Pom, there are special care when you decide to get a Pomeranian. The healthy adult will be between 3 to 7 pounds.  The Pomeranian is a fragile dog.  At their standard size, (which is already small) there are things we can do to help maintain their well-being. For example, even though once the Pomeranian was a medium to large sled dogs, today they have been bred down quite a bit to be a lap dog.  They are meant to be inside companions.

Safety tips for Pomeranians

Because Pomeranians are so small, we have to watch out for their tiny neck.  Instead of using a leash on their collar, use a harness and leash.   This protects them if they decide to lunge forward or dash off to the side.  If the leash were on a collar, this would put a lot of pressure on that tiny neck.

The trachea is made of rings of cartilage.  If a lot of pressure were placed on the neck, those rings of cartilage can be crushed.  This can be painful and breathing would also be difficult.  But if the harness were on their body instead, this would not happen.

Dog Travel Water Bottle
Dog Travel Water Bottle

Another safety practice when you have a Pomeranian, writes Pet Pom, is to make sure they don’t jump off your bed or your sofa.  For dogs this small, it’s easy to get their knees and hip joints slip out of place.  Their body cannot handle this kind of landing.

One way to handle this is to train your Pom not to jump.  Another way is to get a doggie ramp for them to get off the sofa or get off your bed.  Actually, I’ve seen a couple of senior dogs get out of the car using a dog step ladder.  I know of a Corgi friend who needs a dog stairs to climb up to his owners’ bed because his Corgi legs can’t manage that height.  And his owners don’t want him to hurt his legs if he jumps off their bed.

It is wonderful to have these available today for our dogs’ well-being.  You can read more about safety practice for Pomeranians here.  Enjoy watching Chubz adjust to her new family and new surroundings.

Article source:  Pet Pom


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