[VIDEO] Puppies And Babies Adoring Each Other

video puppies entertaining babies

The puppies and babies in this video appreciate each other.  Some puppies are able to make the babies laugh.  Some are eager to kiss the baby.  And around the middle of the video is a most precious bonding moment.  A German Shepherd puppy is playing with a little boy who puts his hand on the Shepherd’s paw.  The puppy reaches for the boy’s hand to reciprocate–to connect the same way the little boy connects with him.  Talk about building rapport naturally.

In another clip, the baby is inside his crib with a netting around it.  The puppy really wants to be with her baby friend, and tries to figure out how to get past the netting so she can be closer to her baby friend. Laura Schneider on Pet Helpful offers some insights on relationships between dogs, babies, and toddlers.

How dogs nurture human babies

Dog fleece jacket with pocket
Dog fleece jacket with pocket

Some dogs nurture babies the way they would their own puppies.  If they sense that the baby is overheat, the dog may remove the blanket so the baby would be more comfortable.  If they sense that a baby is uncomfortable in a sleeping position, they may try to gently move their arm so the baby is in a more relaxed position.  How the parents or other adults respond to some of these nurturing intentions might influence future interactions.

Show children how to approach and handle dogs respectfully

When a child starts interacting actively with the dog, show them how to approach and handle dogs respectfully.  Some adult dogs are tolerant of children being rough.  But not all dogs are.  It is a good idea to create a “get away space” for the dog when he needs to be away from the toddler.  You can read more about this topic here. 

Enjoy the tender moments in this video between puppies and babies.

Article source:  Laura Schneider on Pet Helpful


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