[VIDEO] Great Dane Mama Checking on Her Puppies

video Great Dane mom playing with her puppies

What a nice mom, entertaining her kids.  It’s a good thing that she herself is also playful.   She can be tender in her play, and she can also be a bit rougher.  Her kids certainly play only rough with her.  She has her head on the floor, and her kids lie across her head.  A tender sight.  Mom walks around the den and checks up on each of her puppies–what moms do.

How to decide if a Great Dane is right for you

For those considering a Great Dane, here are some insights from Adopt A Pet that might help you decide if this is the right dog for you and your family.  The input from several Great Dane rescue organizations are included in the article.  Some of them hold different opinions.

Is an apartment suitable for a Great Dane?

One rescue organization believes that Great Danes would even do fine in an apartment, as long as you can take them for a walk everyday.  About 30 minutes is good.  Besides that, a soft bed or a couch for them to lie on will make them happy.

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Another rescue organization says that many Great Danes have to find a new home because they’ve gotten too big.  They can get over 100 pounds. They are not going to lie around all day, and they need some space to move around.  Even though they are gentle giants, a Great Dane puppy grows so quickly that they might play too roughly with a very young child.

Great Dane and GDV

One other Great Dane rescue organization shares in this article that they tell prospective adopting families that this breed can be prone to a serious condition called GDV.  Research is not yet certain what causes GDV.   Some symptoms of GDV may include abdominal pain, depression, anxious behavior, vomiting, excessive drooling.  Large and giant breeds seem to be at higher risk, especially breeds with a deep chest, like Great Dane.  What can help “prevent” this is feeding small portion frequently instead of feeding one large portion just once.  Not letting the dog do strenuous activity right after eating or drinking can also help.  You can read the entire article here.

Article source:   Adopt A Pet


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