[VIDEO] This Blind Dog And His Guide Dog Are Bests Friends

video guide dog for a blind dog

The blind dog in this video and his guide dog are best friends, even before he went blind.  Zen is the guide dog, and Hoshi is the one he helps.  Hoshi had a painful eye disease, so he had a surgery to have his eyes removed.  Hoshi’s parents prepared for this surgery by bringing home Zen, a Pomeranian, to become Hoshi’s guide dog after the surgery.  They weren’t sure how the pair would work out.

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As it turns out, Hoshi and Zen became the best of friends.  They go everywhere together, do everything together, even bathe together.  Not having his sight does not affect Hoshi’s travels.  He still travels around the world hiking, camping, and kayaking with his parents.  Zen walks slowly beside him, guiding him every step of the way.  Hoshi’s parents described that the two have a special bond that’s beyond friendship.

How to help dogs adjust to blindness

Dr. Foster and Dr. Smith write in Pet Education that there are ways we can help our dog adjust to his blindness.  Know that our dog’s blindness is harder on us than our dog.  They live in the moment, and have no connotations about blindness.  Sight is actually number 3 in order of importance.  The other two are hearing and sense of smell.

Talk to your dog often and in your normal, cheerful voice.  Your voice soothes him.  Let him know you are approaching by talking to him and walking more heavily so he can hear you.  An option is to wear a little bell around you and other family members, so your dog knows that you are approaching and about to touch him.  Keep his normal routine.  Go for walks.  Have him play with his favorite toy.  He will pick up on your emotions.  And this will play a big role in his adjustment to his new ability.  You can read the entire article here.

Article source:  Dr. Foster and Dr. Smith in Pet Education


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