[VIDEO] Cat Tries To Wake Up Bulldog Friend

video cat trying to wake up Bulldog

Isn’t this the sweetest video?   This very persistent cat (and affectionate too) wants her Bulldog friend to get up and spend some quality time.  This is one of the most endearing videos showing the friendship between a cat and a dog.

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Not a puppy, not a kitten–whom we would expect to adore each other naturally, but a grown cat and dog.  Her friend is just not ready to get up, so she lovingly and tenderly tries to get his attention.   Alas, however much effort she makes, her friend is so sound asleep that her attempts have absolutely no effect on him.  In the end, she gives up and curls up next to her dear friend.

How to introduce a dog to the family cat

This is the best case scenario for a dog and cat living under the same roof.   If you have a cat, and are thinking of bringing home a dog, here are some ideas that might make the introduction and adjustment period easier for everyone in the family, especially the feline and the canine.

Since your cat has been with you first, help her adjust to the presence of the dog by creating a separate space for the dog at the beginning.   A room with a gate in between would work well.  This gives the opportunity for the two of them to get used to the scent of the other, grow accustomed to the presence of the other.

After the comfort is established, you can introduced a meeting time for them, always supervised by you.   Have these meetings extended a little each time.  Have your dog on a leash, just in case he decides to chase after the cat.   And create “escape route” for your cat in case your dog somehow gets free from his area.  If your cat likes to jump up onto someplace high, create some space there that’s easily accessible for her.  Or some other escape route that your dog cannot get to.  These are just precautions.  After they have adjusted to being in the same space.

The song is the perfect accompaniment to this beautiful video.  I am so glad the human parent captured this on camera.   Enjoy watching this sweet cat tenderly waking her Bulldog friend.


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