[VIDEO] Puppies Napping With Babies They Love

video puppies napping with babies

Now is THIS precious or what!  Puppies climbing into bed with babies just so they could be near the one they adore!   Look at the smiles on some of the babies’ face as they feel their puppies snuggling up to them.  They look so peaceful, as if having their friend lying next to them make them feel safer.

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Should we let our dog sleep with our baby?

It is obvious that the dogs in this video adore their babies, and have the intention of being close to them or taking care of them.   In fact, one of the clips shows a puppy that was so vigilant in watching the baby that even though he was nodding off, he kept waking himself to do his job.  Finally, he figures out how he can get some shut-eye AND care for his baby.  This is just one of the many benefits of having loving dogs in our homes.  One more person to love us and our babies.

There is a variety of opinions on the topic of letting pets sleep with babies, according to Dr. Patty Khuly in Pet MD.    She sited that almost 79% of pet owners allow pets in the beds of family members. She noted that there is very little evidence of infectious disease transmission from healthy pets that are well cared for by the family.

Veterinarians may advocate not sharing beds with pets for behavioral reasons.  Puppies that may have a predisposition to aggression or dominance may develop these behavior when they are allowed to sleep with humans.  Also, it is more conducive to housebreak a puppy in their crate than when they are sleeping in our beds.  These behaviorists feel that if we were to share beds with pets, wait until they are completely trained, and they are socially mature.

On the other hand, there’ve been studies that show people with insomnia sleep more deeply when a pet sleeps with them.  You can read more about this topic here.   Enjoy watching the love that these puppies bestow on their human babies.  If you enjoy videos with puppies and babies, here’s another one you might also like.

Article source:  Dr. Patty Khuly on Pet MD


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