[VIDEO] This Bulldog Literally Jumps For Joy On A Treadmill


The Bulldog in this video literally jumps for joy on a treadmill.   I don’t know if this is his first exposure to the treadmill or if he has used one before and simply loves the fun sensation a treadmill offers.   This Bulldog puppy probably thinks the treadmill is a toy to play with.  Watch his excitement playing with this moving toy.

Treadmills actually is not a bad idea for dogs in the colder parts of the world.   Some places have deep snow, much higher than this puppy.  So having some active exercise indoor is a wonderful alternative when the weather outside is not optimal for a walk in the park.  It’s a bonus that this Bulldog puppy thinks a treadmill is just the best toy in the world.

Enjoy watching the excitement this puppy feels about a treadmill.

Image source:  via Bark Post


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