[VIDEO] This Bulldog Puppy Overcomes Swimmer’s Syndrome And Can Now Walk


The Bulldog puppy in this video overcomes Swimmer’s Syndrome, and can now walk.  His name is Bueller.  He ended up in the SPCA because he could not stand or walk because his legs are too weak.  The  dedicated staff at the Sacramento SPCA takes the 8-weeks-old puppy and patiently lead him through the journey of strengthening his legs so he can walk by himself.

The team helps Bueller strengthen his legs in water.  Look at those appreciate and determined eyes.  Then a loving family adopted Bueller.  This video is to celebrate Bueller’s first birthday.  His parents are so proud of how far he has come.  Thanks to the dedicated staff of Sacramento SPCA for giving this gift to Bueller.

Celebrate the success journey of Bueller with him.


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