[VIDEO] A Growing Friendship Between A Golden Retriever Puppy And A Chick


In this video, we get to see the growing friendship between a Golden Retriever puppy and a chick.  The puppy’s name is Alef.  And the chick’s name is Chihuhua.  It is lovely to see little ones of different species grow up together.  Alef is fond of Chihuahua, just by looking at his fascination with the little chick.

Chihuahua has quite a personality.  It is this little one who initiated the friendship.  Alef has been watching Chihuahua from a respectful distance.  Chihuahua wants to make a connection, and nudge Alef in the back.  Now Alef has permission to let out his playfulness.  At times it seems a big wet and rough.  But Chihuahua seems completely fine with Alef’s playfulness.

Enjoy watching this unusual friendship unfold.


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