[VIDEO] This Saint Bernard Showers Baby Boy With Kisses


What a great nanny!  The Saint Bernard in this video is showering a baby boy with kisses. They are Huey and Lucas.  The description under the YouTube video doesn’t say which one is Huey.  The St. Bernard is the loving guardian for this baby boy, licking his hands and face.  Even though the little boy looks overwhelmed with that big wet tongue over his face, look at his delightful smile.  He likes it.  According to AKC, St. Bernard is not a dog for everyone, even though they make great nannies.  Their size means they can easily outweigh you.  It also means you need to train them very early on not to jump on people, and to be careful where they wag their tail, especially if there’s a little toddler behind them.

Characteristics of a Saint Bernard

AKC shares that if the Bernie is bred by a responsible breeder, their temperament is lovable, trustworthy, trainable, and very loyal.  Saint Bernard’s size would be more suitable for a family with a yard for them.   Can you imagine a St. Bernard in a small space?  They need to be exercised everyday, although, when they are puppy, do not force exercise on them til they are ready. That is because the growing puppy joints that support a large body need to have tender loving care while it’s still growing.   St. Bernards are gentle and patient with children, as you can see in this video.  If you get them as a puppy, start taking them to kindergarten class as soon as they have had all their shots.  Many local dog clubs have kindergarten class so puppies can learn socialization skills when interacting with other dogs.  St. Bernards are very intelligent.   They need very good nutritional food their entire life. Both long and short-haired St. Bernards shed, and they need to be groomed regularly.  If you are thinking about getting a Bernie, take this into consideration.  Enjoy this sweet moment of friendship between Huey and Lucas

Article source:  AKC


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