[VIDEO] This Chow Chow Likes To Be Cleaned

video Chow Chow Bebeto likes to be cleaned

Isn’t it nice when dogs don’t mind getting cleaned?  The Chow Chow in this video patiently lets his mom clean his paws after a walk.  His name is Bebeto.  His mom is quite thorough with the paw cleaning.  Look at all the wipes on the floor by the end!

It’s easy to understand why Bebeto does not object.  Mom keeps kissing him every so often to appreciate his cooperation.  Another reason why Bebeto doesn’t mind is because Chow Chows naturally like to be clean (although they do shed).  They are almost cat-like in this habit.  This trait makes them easy to house-train compared to other dogs.  This is just one of their desirable qualities.

Characteristics of Chow Chow’s

Chow Chow’s temperament leans toward the quiet side.  The mind their own business.  If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you, unless you get too close and intrude on their comfort zone.

Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove
Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove

They also have a strong will.  This trait shows up as they get older. With a Chow Chow, you must earn your respect.  They are not going to listen to you just because you are the “owner.” They don’t feel a need to please you.

If you treat them with respect, they will listen to you.  Never be harsh with a Chow Chow.  You will lose their respect for you.  Actually, that’s a healthy dynamic for any relationship, isn’t it?  

Chow Chows do not particularly welcome people they don’t know.  If you have guests coming, be sure you are there to greet them and introduce them personally to your Chow Chow.  If you have your Chow as a puppy, do socialize them so they are used to meeting and being introduced to a variety of people.  This might help them become friendlier with people they don’t know.

You can read more about Chow Chow’s temperament on Dog Behaviors.  Enjoy watching how clean Bebeto is.

Article source:  Dog Behaviors


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