[VIDEO] This Cockatoo Likes To Feed A Husky Friend


The cockatoo in this video likes to feed a Husky friend.  It must be very fond of the Husky.  There’s a pot of spaghetti noddles on the stove.   All the burners are off.  The owner must have put a ledge around the stove because this cockatoo likes to feed the dog.

The cockatoo picks up one piece of noodle at a time, walks over to the edge of the stove, and feeds the Husky with its beak.  The Husky is very polite when taking the noodle from the cockatoo friend, careful to be gentle when he grabs the noodle.  They make a great team.  I wonder what else the cockatoo feeds this lucky dog.

Enjoy watching this cockatoo feeding its dog friend lovingly.

Image source:  via Viral Spell


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