[VIDEO] This Dog Is Waiting For Her Cat Friend’s Return From The Hospital


The dog in this video is waiting for her cat friend’s return from the hospital.  The vet’s clinic.  This must be a very special friendship.  The dog’s name is Camila.  The cat’s name is Tobias.  Camila sits in the yard waiting and waiting for her cat friend to come home.  As soon as the owners carry Tobias’ carrier inside the gate, Camila waits eagerly for Tobias’ carrier to be open so she can say hello to her friend.

Since Tobias is just getting well, the owners thought it would be wise to let the dogs’ excitement calm down a bit before opening Tobias’ door.  When Tobias comes out, Camila sniffs him all over, as if to check if he’s okay.  What a sweet friendship.

Enjoy watching this good friend, Camila, waiting for her cat friend to return from the hospital.


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