[VIDEO] These 12 Puppies Are Probably Imitating Our Sleep Posture


The 12 puppies in this video are probably imitating our sleep posture.  The video is a slide show of 12 different amusing poses of different puppies.  The first one has his legs up on the couch, just like we would.  The second pup is all curled up, just like a baby would.  I thought the 3rd one was a human. 🙂

I’ve seen videos where dogs actually sit like a human, so my guess is they probably watch how we sleep and copy us.  It’s kind of an honor that our dogs want to imitate us.  The 12 dogs in this video sure succeed to put a smile on this face.

Enjoy watching this video of odd sleeping positions.  For a dog, that is!

Image source:  iheartdogs


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