[VIDEO] This Calm Shih Tzu Is Charming Us Even When Doing Nothing


The calm Shih Tzu in this video is charming us even when doing nothing.  Absolutely nothing.   Okay.  Maybe he licked his nose and yawned, which by the way, looks absolutely adorable.  But that’s it.  Look at those long eye lashes.  Dogs have it easy.  They don’t have to do a thing to be attractive.

This Shih Tzu reminds me of a dog in a television show called Empty Nest.  There’s a St. Bernard named Dreyfus whose claim to fame is the way he moves his eyebrown up one at a time.  Dogs seem to have an easier time doing that.  This Shih Tzu blinks and bats his eyelashes, even starting to doze off right in front of the camera, and he elicits an Aaawwww from us.

Dogs have it easy!   Enjoy watching this cute Shih Tzu.


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