[VIDEO] These 2 Boxer Doggies Love Coconut Water


In this video, we see 2 Boxer doggies who love coconut water.   Coconut water has a lot of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and enzymes that is safe and good for our dogs, according to Ultimate Home Life.  It’s tasty and refreshing, and can boost our dogs’ energy.  A great summer treat also.  You can read more using the link below the video.

I shared some with a dog friend, and he can’t get enough of it!  In this video, watch Boxers Archie and Alfie lap up every drop of that coconut water in a hurry.  Some spilled outside the bowl, and one Boxer makes sure he licks up those few drops on the stone.  Now that’s precious water.

Enjoy watching these Boxers savor coconut water.

Article source:  Ultimate Home Life


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