[VIDEO] This Dog Tries Out All The Pianos In The Store


The dog in this video is trying out all the pianos in the store.   AND he believes he has musical talents.   His name is Elmo, an Irish Setter.  Elmo “plays” each piano and sings at the same time.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have this dog as a sales associate at a piano store?  That would stir up a lot of interest in the customers.  At least a lot of smiles.  A great ice breaker.

I have watched many videos of dogs with musical talents, whether it’s in actually learning to play the keyboard, or singing (not just howling) or dancing to the rhythm of the song.  Those are truly talented dogs.  The one in this video looks joyful going from piano to piano and singing to his own accompaniment.

Enjoy sharing this happy moment with Elmo, the Irish Setter.


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