[VIDEO] This Dog Talks Excitedly When His Parents Take Him To Park


The dog in this video talks excitedly when his parents take him to the park.  He is in the car.  His parents ask, “You want to go to the park?”  And he responses with “Rrrrrr   Rrrrrr   Rrrrrr”.   He is so full of excitement, he is about to foam at the mouth.

I think his parents love hearing him talk like this.  That’s why they ask him several times if he wanted to go to the park, just to hear his amusing response.  All dogs love to go to the park.  To run, to meet their friends, to play.  And they all get excited when they see us taking their leash.  This dog expresses it verbally.  And it is just DELIGHTFUL.

Enjoy listening to this excited dog when he finds out he is going to the park.


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