[VIDEO] Pudsey And Ashleigh In Britains Got Talent


This is a video of Pudsey and Ashleigh’s performance in Britain’s Got Talent Finals.  What a superb performance!   Ashleigh got Pudsey for her 11th birthay, and the two have been inseparable since.  Ashleigh delights in spending time with Pudsey, and also in training him.  This dance shows just how connected these two are to each other.

Because of his talents, Pudsey actually has his own movie–Pudsey the Dog, produced by Simon Cowell.   It was made in 2014.   In this video, we can see the sophisticated skills Pudsey learned.  In some of the moves, his back is to Ashleigh, so he is not taking cues from her.  He memorized his move, and he follows the rhythm of the music like a professional dancer.

Enjoy watching this superb performance by Pudsey and Ashleigh.

Image source:  via The Telegraph


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