[VIDEO] Lexi The Samoyed Eats Dinner With Her Human Family


In this video, we see Lexi the Samoyed eating dinner with her human family.  AT the dinner table.   This is a well-loved dog.  And well-mannered too!  She eats from her own bowl.   A couple of times she looks up at Mom’s plate to see what she is eating.  I think I hear Lexi’s thought.  “I want what YOU are having.”

It’s so cute when Mom and Dad invites Lexi to drink some water.  It’s not from her water bowl.  She has her own glass!   Now how many dogs would dream of having dinner with us AT the dinner table?  Maybe this would eliminate begging for scraps.  They can SEE what’s on our plates.  It’s no longer a mystery.  Maybe that’s the cure for begging.

Enjoy this precious video of Lexi having dinner with her family.

Image source:  via Breaded Cats


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