[VIDEO] Dalmatian Knows How To Make Friends With Foster Kittens


The Dalmatian in this video knows how to make friends with foster kittens.  His name is Diesel.  He is really good with foster kittens and loves every foster kitten that comes through his home.  He plays with them the same way he plays with puppies and other animals.  He pushes them with his nose.

This foster kitten apparently feels more drawn to Diesel than the other dogs in the yard.  Diesel is quite skillful in making new friends, especially the ones who start out feeling a bit timid.  He waits for this kitten to feel ready to interact, then he makes his move.  He keeps letting the kitten know that he is interested in being a friend, and the kitten gets the message.

Enjoy watching Diesel the Dalmation, master of friendship, make his move.


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