[VIDEO] This Dogs Knows How To Pose For A Photo


The dog in this video KNOWS how to pose for a photo.  Perhaps someone prompts him to do so.  At just the right moment, he puts his paw around his dog friend and bring his friend close to him.  Then he leans his face into his friend’s face.   It’s humorous how his friend doesn’t seem to care for this proximity. 🙂

I read an article in Oh My Dog Blog on how to teach your dog to pose for photos.  You can read more in the article source below the video.  First, it’s learning a solid “stay” in whatever position is most comfortable for your dog.  Then add distractions gradually so they can hold their “stay” even with the distractions.  This takes lots of treats and praise.  Then you teach them “watch me” possibly with a treat between your eyes, and give them the treat immediately following the photo.

Enjoy watching this really short and cute video of a dog posing for a photo.

Article source:  Oh My Dog Blog


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