[VIDEO] This Lucky Dog Enjoying A Facial Massage


The lucky dog in this video is enjoying a facial massage.  This is one RELAXED doggie!  Those look like strategic massage points.   I can imagine when a dog growls, the area above the gum and the jawline would tense up.  So it makes sense that this is one area to massage our dogs.

That yawn is a give-away of how relaxed this dog is.  You know how we yawn when we are completely relaxed?   I think that’s what’s happening here.  The video began with the parent massaging this dog’s ears.  Ears have a lot of nerve endings.  In acupressure, the ears are filled with points that affect the entire body.  I am really glad that this dog is staying so healthy with pampering massages.

Relax along with this dog and enjoy the video.


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