[VIDEO] Otto The Skateboarding Bulldog Made Guinness World Record


In this video, you’ll witness the moment when Otto the skateboarding bulldog made Guinness World Record.   The title?   The longest human tunnel travelled through by a dog skateboarder.   There were 30 people lined up, facing the same direction, with legs apart enough to let Otto skate through.

Otto achieved this almost 1 year ago in Lima, Peru.  His parents were inspired to get a Bulldog after watching videos of Tillman, another talented skateboarding Bulldog.  Otto’s mom got the idea to go for the human tunnel record when one day, Otto was  skateboarding toward her really fast, and the only way to avoid him running into her was to quickly part her legs to let Otto through.

Enjoy watching this historical moment for Otto the skateboarding Bulldog.

Image source:  via Huffington Post


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