[VIDEO] Rescue Kitten Became Instant Friend With Golden Retriever


In this video, we see Koda, the rescue kitten, playing with Keelo, the Retriever.  They became instant friends since the first day Koda came home.  At that time, Koda was only 1 month old, and could fit in one hand.  Keelo and Koda took a liking to each other immediately.

In this video, we see Koda bothering Keelo many many times.  Keelo is very patient and tolerant.  Then when Koda becomes bigger, Keelo play fights back a little, still mindful of the size difference.  It’s funny how the cat hangs on for dear life when the dog starts scratching.  That was an amusing scene.

Enjoy watching these 2 good friends just being with each other.  The last scene is especially sweet.

Image source:  via Daily Mail



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