[VIDEO] Corgi Puppies Learning To Wrestle


The Corgi puppies in this video are learning to wrestle.  They are 6-weeks-old Welsh Corgis.  Buster is the one with the brown hair, and Lilly is the one with the black hair.  They are adored by the children in the family, and the family cat is also warming up to at least Lilly.

The music is a good choice for this video.  Lilly and Buster is playing with the same toy.  All of a sudden, they were chewing on each other’s mouth instead.  Buster is definitely the one who likes to start the play fights.  Lilly prefers to be left alone, but she will defend herself and fight Buster back.  Fortunately, a family member distracts them with a toy, and they forgot about their fight.

Enjoy watching these 2 lovely Welsh Corgi puppies learn to wrestle.


Image source:  Daniel Stockman on Flickr


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