[VIDEO] This Puppy And Baby Are Fascinated With Each Other


The puppy and baby in this video are fascinated with each other.  It’s absolutely lovely to watch two young ones naturally magnetized to each other.  The baby is just delighted to be with his puppy friend.  The puppy looks content just being with his baby friend.  He approaches the baby to kiss him.  The baby is happy with this attention, and waves his arms around, which made the puppy a bit uncomfortable.  So he backed up.  This is a smart puppy.  Even though he is curious, he gets out of there when things get uncomfortable.

Toward the end of the video, the baby approaches the puppy, and probably is trying to stand up by pushing on the puppy’s head.  The very wise puppy does not like how this feels, so he walks away.  What a great example to us.

Enjoy watching this sweet interaction between the two young ones.


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