[VIDEO] This Puppy Does Not Act Like He Only Has Two Legs


The puppy in this video does not act like he only has two legs.  His name is Duncan.  He is a most inspiring puppy.   Listening to his mom’s narration of the video, this dog has a spirit of invincibility.  In fact, he probably doesn’t know that a 2-legged dog is not that common.  He acts like any other puppy.  He runs fast.  He loves running and running on the beach.

It’s really sweet that his mom says in the video that he has no idea that has no back legs, and that she does not plan to tell him.  He is like any other 9-months-old puppy.  Even though he has 2 wheel chairs, Duncan refuses to use them.  So his parents donated them.  Now, THIS is the spirit of “Don’t treat me differently.  I am a normal dog!”

Enjoy watching this inspiring video of a dog who does not know he only has 2 legs.


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