[VIDEO] Tiny Pomeranian Puppies Play Fighting With Each Other

video of tiny Pomeranian puppies playing

Hard not to fall in love with these two fluffy Pomeranian puppies.   I can certainly see why many are attracted to tiny Poms.  Because of their size, Pomeranian owners need to go an extra mile to care for their dogs.  One of these is not just puppy-proof your house, but Pomeranian-proof your home, according to Pet Pom.  Look at your home through the eyes of your Pomeranians.

How to take care of Pomeranians

Get down to the eye level of your Pomeranian.  What can their eyes see from this vantage point? A penny?  A button that got loose from your shirt?  When there’s no dog in the house, these may seem insignificant.  But when you have a little one–a LITTLE one, anything that can be swallowed needs to be picked up.  And do it often.

Pom-proof your home from their eye level

It’s not just the floor.  It’s everywhere that your Pomeranian hangs out, like the sofa.  Is there anything you need to pick up between the cushions on the sofa?   Behind the sofa?  This regular check can prevent your Pom from choking on something small.

Get a dog seat for your car

Furhaven Dog Playpen
Furhaven Dog Playpen

Another tip that Pet Pom recommends is to get a dog seat for your car.  Having a dog loose while you are driving can be distracting.  Because of their body weight, if you slam on your brake, the force on their little bodies is much more significant.  There are raised booster seats that let your little friend see out the window, and have access to fresh air (which helps if there’s any motion sickness).

Use harness, not neck collar

And when they are in the dog car seat, they need a buckle.  Be sure this buckle is attached to their harness.  Not their neck collar.   (Actually, this applies to when you are walking them as well.  If they happen to pull on the leash, using the harness will protect their neck from getting hurt.)  After a few trips, your Pom will get used to the sensation of being in their car seat.  You can read more tips from this article here.  Enjoy watching these tiny Pomeranians play fighting with each other.

Article source:  Pet Pom


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