[VIDEO] Senior Pug Meeting 8-Weeks-Old Puppies

video Puppy trying to befriend Pug

Not all newcomers are welcome, as in the case of Bebop the pug.  In this video he is meeting his 8-weeks-old puppy brothers.   He is 14 years old and can’t walk.  His comfortable dog bed is his domain.  The 8-weeks-old French Bulldog puppies are Trevor and Randy.  This video is filmed on the first day Trevor and Randy came home.   One of the puppies is quite rambunctious and wants desperately to get Bebop to play.  Actually, Bebop seems to enjoy watching the puppies play, and looks eager to be closer to the action.  Randy likes to play with Trevor, but Trevor is more interested in climbing into Bebop’s doggie bed.  Watch how Bebop defends his comfort zone.

How to introduce an older dog to new puppies

Once, Trevor almost  made it onto the edge of the bed, and Bebop uses his face to push Trevor out.  The young puppy learns his place quickly. Respect the dog who was there first and his territory.

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According to Indoor Pet, if you have a senior dog who has trouble moving around, it’s best not to bring home very active puppies.  If you do, just know that you might have to “protect” your older dog by distracting the puppy so she won’t harrass your senior dog.

Supervise interactions between senior dog and new puppies

It’s a good idea to bring home the new puppy on a weekend if you work Monday through Friday, so you have an extended period of time to observe and supervise their interactions.  It’s possible that the older dog will guard what’s important to him.  And that includes you.  He might block his bed, you, the family room,from the newcomer.  If this happens, simply distract the dogs. Do not scold or punish them. If it’s you they are fighting over, leave the room, so you remove the object of conflict from them.  You can read more about this topic here.  Enjoy watching Bebop meeting his new puppy brothers, Trevor and Randy.

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Article source:  Indoor Pet


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