[VIDEO] A Video For Pug Lovers

video Pug puppy

What a treat to spend time in this video “interacting” with Mimi the 10-weeks-old Pug.  She looks into the camera so intently that it’s as if she is looking right at you with those expressive eyes, as all Pugs have.   Wood floor may be the preferred choice by some homeowners, but they are not the preferred choice for some dogs.

Watch how Mimi slides when she sits on the wood floor.  There’s nothing to grip onto.  Pugs are known as the clown in dogs’ world because of their sense of humor and also because they enjoy showing off, according to Dog Time.  Pugs are bred to be companion dogs, which means they thrive on YOUR companionship.  They love your affection, and would become unhappy if their devotion to you is not returned

What are Pugs like?

Because they are small and quiet, Pugs can live in apartments.   When they are indoors, they are relatively inactive.  And they are low maintenance.

Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

They do need their exercise.  If they don’t get their walks in, you’ll likely see some goofiness in this clown.  Pugs love children.  Even though they are small and considered a Toy breed, they are not delicate like some other Toy breeds, so kids can play with them and not need to worry, like they would another Toy breed that’s more fragile.

However, this is not a breed that enjoys playing soccer with the kids.    They are not retrievers.  Their respiratory system is not as efficiently built for heavy duty sports.  Pugs can get along with other dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals if they are socialized properly.  If you live in a hot and humid area, don’t keep your Pug outside too long.  They are sensitive to heat and humidity.  Make sure they are comfortable in a cool house, perhaps with air-condition.   You can read more about this breed here. Enjoy watching Mimi!

Article source:  Dog Time


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