[VIDEO] Jenny The Pug Enjoys Walking Her Doll


It must be quite amusing to pedestrians as Jenny pushes her toy Pug in a stroller around Portland.  Jenny LOVES to push her stroller.   Turn up the volume for the beautiful song that accompanies this video.

Jenny has her own website called Jenny The Pug.  There are some cute pictures there.  What I appreciate about this video (besides smiling at a pug who likes to push her Nintendog Pug puppies) is that it is also a tour around Portland, Oregon.  You get a glimpse of some of the landmarks–St. Johns Bridge, Waterfront Park, Union Station,  Rose Gardens, the Grotto…

It must bring a smile on people’s face when they see Jenny walking her toy Pug.  For whatever reason Jenny prefers to walk on her hind legs, exercise is very important for a Pug to stay healthy.  On the other side of the coin, Pug cannot get overheat, for that can tax their system.  It is a good thing that Jenny has a parasol to keep her in the shade on her walk.

Exercise for Pugs

Dog Harness Soft Padded by Rabbitgoo
Dog Harness Soft Padded by Rabbitgoo

One of the benefits of walking is that it helps to tone their muscles, especially those around their knees and hips, so they stay strong and supportive.  Pugs can be prone to have health concerns in these two areas, according to Pet Pug Dog.

Walking also helps with metabolism and burn up calories, which is important for Pugs, for this breed has a tendency to gain weight.

How to care for your Pug if you live in a hot climate

If you live in hot climate, take special care not to take them outdoor when the temperature is very high.  Pugs’ respiratory system does not do well in this condition.  Walk them either early in the day or late in the evening when it’s cooler.  Some people buy doggie shoes so the hot pavements would not harm the paws of their dogs.   You can read more about this topic here.  Enjoy a leisurely stroll with Jenny and the music by the late Dax Johnson.

If you enjoy this video, here is one about a senior Pug and 2 new puppies.

Article source:  Pet Pug Dog


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